Mashhad Davam Acrodite Laboratory operates both as an independent unit and as a partner laboratory approved by Standard General Department of Khorasan Razavi as well as the executive arm of provincial standard departments. It tests water coolers according to 17907, 4911, & 4910-2 National Standards, flue gas heaters according to the 1220-1 & 1220-2 National Standards, and the gas tank heaters according to 1219 and 1219-2 National Standards with the help and cooperation of its expert and experienced staff. In order to prove its ability in meeting the needs of customers and provide them with quality test services, it has created a Laboratory Quality Management System based on ISIRI-ISO/IEC17025:2005 International Standard and considers itself committed to fulfilling its requirements and continuously improvs the effectiveness of that Quality Management System.

The manager of this laboratory considers applying good professional procedures and providing services with the highest quality possible to customers while complying with service standards as its top priority, and in this regard, it pursues the following goals: